Before Them, We: Exploring Lives, Legacies, and Intergenerational Relationships

London, England
In conversation with cultural producer and artist Ruth Sutoyé, about her recent exhibition "Before Them: We" — a reflection on archiving and preserving oral histories.

Take Me Home: Dan Carter x Atto Tetteh

Teshie, Accra, Ghana
Photographer Dan Carter captures Atto Tetteh's 'S Theorem' collection alongside an ode to collaborative storytelling.
written By
Izin Akhabau

"I am a proud child of Africa, but sometimes home feels foreign to me"

So much of my culture is alien to me — I’m not fluent in the language and I’ve only ever spent 3 weeks back home. Am I an outsider?Read the story →
identity, creativity, culture.
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Reni Abina Releases the 'Love Riviera' Collection, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Lagos, Nigeria
In conversation with the 26-year-old designer and entrepreneur behind Rendoll Lagos on the collection released to inspire love, hope and positivity after a tough year.

On Sankara's Shoulders

"By changing the social order that oppresses women, the revolution creates the conditions for their genuine emancipation."‍ - Thomas Sankara