Transcending: In Conversation with Nneji Akunne

Lagos, Nigeria
With the Ohio-born, Lagos-based designer on homecomings, conversations on sustainability, and tackling garment waste through Transcending, her first exhibition.
Culture Shift

Reni Folawiyo’s Latest Exhibition 'The Hausa RIGA, Life, Art and Power in Dressing' continues at ALARA

Lagos, Nigeria
An exhibition envisioned as a contemporary interpretation of the vintage riga embroidery on fine robes culturally valued as markers of influence and honor.
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Abiola Babarinde

"Vulnerability feels like you are putting your life on the line but in reality, you are saving it."

Lessons from her debut book 'Take What You Need' on finding purpose through vulnerabilityRead the story →
identity, creativity, culture.
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Before Them, We: Exploring Lives, Legacies, and Intergenerational Relationships

London, England
In conversation with cultural producer and artist Ruth Sutoyé, about her recent exhibition "Before Them: We" — a reflection on archiving and preserving oral histories.
Culture Shift

Lagos' Very Own 'Wavy The Creator' Collaborates With Singapore-based Studio 'Tell Your Children' on a Message of Hope

Lagos / Singapore
In the second collaboration by HUH, the global creatives were brought together to launch an audiovisual concept exploring the emotional and creative connection between their cities. ⁠